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EK RUKA HUA FAISLA is 80s Bollywood movie which was shown as Sitcom/tele series by breaking them into parts/Episodes on Doordarshan National Channel. I Dont remember much about this show, I am asuming I might have not even seen this on TV but I do remember that Basu Chatterjee had 2 shows and this was one among them the other one was "Rajani".Also this Movie was a lot adapted from the Original English Film "12 Angry Men" and if you're interested in knowing about the original hollywood movie made in 1957 you can Click here

Basu Chatterjee's Web Info about the Movie

One dissenting juror in a murder trial tries to influence the verdict with his personal prejudices and biases. Basu introduced a new set of actors all graduates from National School of Drama - like K.K.Raina, Pankaj Kappor, Annu Kapoor, S.M.Zaheer. The story was quite uniquely written by Mannu Bhandari titled Mahabhoj.

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